Company history


Bild: Aniceto Goraieb

After graduating at the University of Karlsruhe as one of the recent nuclear engineers I had been given the opportunity to specialize on handling of Beryllium.

Goraieb Versuchstechnik GVT:

To work with this hazardous material I have built up a laboratory on the campus of the Research Centre Karlsruhe (now KIT, North Campus) and found the firm Goraieb Versuchstechnik in the early 1990ies. The continuous growing infrastructure made it necessary to divide „Spaceship“ and „Stuff“. This was the reason that the KBHF (Karlsruhe Beryllium Handling Facility) was founded with the support of KIT in 2009. We are specialized on:

- Safety and handling of hazardous materials
- Prototyping and pilot production
- Building up and running experimental device

Flexibility as well as unconventional and fast solutions for a lot of technical challenges is our specialty.

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