Doris Roth-Goraieb

Doris Roth-Goraieb

At the moment, GVT is – at least in Europe – the only organization that plans, builds and operates experiments with the hazardous material Beryllium. The handling of this material has to take place in so-called glove boxes.

From the beginning Doris Roth has been responsible for the Administration.

GVT, a company with over 20 years of expertise:

Several experimental devices (BETINA, FLIBPER, ANABEL, MILAN etc.) for handling Beryllium were developed by order of the KIT Program FUSION. In the last ten years GVT was decisively involved in the development of materials for the use in Fusion reactors (ITER). These R&D projects refer above all to beryllium, beryllium alloys and lithium based ceramics. The aim is to develop production procedures for pebbles from these materials and to design lab-scale production facilities (50 kg / years).

Picture: Equipment modified by GVT for the handling of Beryllium

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