Picture: Aniceto Goraieb

Picture: Aniceto Goraieb

For over 30 years, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has conducted research and development on the fusion blanket, which has several critical functions:

Along with fuel production and heat removal, the blanket also serves as a radiation shield. Karlsruhe has established itself as an international leader in fusion blanket technology in the areas of simulation and design, sensor technology, fuel cycle (tritium), structural materials (steels), as well as breeder materials (lithium ceramics) and multipliers (beryllium).

User Facility for Beryllium at KIT

The Karlsruhe Beryllium Handling Facility (KBHF) is a spin-in of KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and a good example of the “open campus strategy” – a symbiotic partnership based on 25 years of joint R&D projects and extensive experience with beryllium and lithium ceramics. KBHF is tasked with scaling processes and operating pilot facilities for the production of beryllium alloys and lithium ceramics. The lab also serves as a model facility for a future beryllium handling facility as part of ITER. KBHF is located on KIT’s North Campus.

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