17-04-25 ChetoAll mentioned work has been performed together with our partners KIT and MATERION. Special thanks to the following persons:

  • KIT: Dr. Dirk Radloff, Prof. Anton Möslang, Dr. Regina Knitter, Oliver Leys
  • QST, at KIT until 2017: Dr. Petr Kurinskiy
  • Lemmens Medien: Dr. Markus Lemmens (Gesellschafter)
  • Be4Fusion, at MATERION until 2017: Christopher Dorn

Presentations of scientific work in which KBHF and GVT have been involved

2017: Production of Be-Ti and Be-Zr rods by extrusion and their characterization, ISFNT-13, Kyoto Japan
2016: Fabrication and characterization of microstructure of Be-Ti and Be-Zr rods, MSE, Darmstadt Germany
2015: Extrusion of Be-Ti powder at 670 °C, BeWS-12, Jeju island, South Korea
2014: Helium Cooled Pebble Bed (HCPB) Blankets, Recent achievements in advanced neutron multiplier and breeder materials production, TOFE, Anaheim, USA
2014: Hot extrusion of Be-Ti powder, SOFT-28, San Sebastian, Spain
2013: Characterization of Be-Ti rod fabricated by extrusion at 900 °C, BeWS-11, Barcelona, Spain
2012: Characteristics of microstructure, swelling and mechanical behavior of titanium beryllide samples after high-dose neutron irradiation at 740 and 873 K, SOFT-27, Liege, Belgium
2011: Comparative study of fusion relevant properties of Be(12)V and Be(12)Ti, Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume: 86, Issue: 9-11, Pages: 2148-2151
2011: Enhanced fabrication process for lithium orthosilicate pebbles as breeding material, Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume: 86, Issue: 9-11, Pages: 2148-2151

 Selection of papers presented before 2011:

  1. Comparative study of fusion relevant properties of BeV and BeTi, SOFT-26, October 2010, Porto, Portugal
  2. Mechanical performance of different sorts of titanium beryllides, BeWS-9, September 2009, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  3. Characterisation of titanium beryllides with different microstructure, SOFT-25, Fusion Engineering and Design, Vol.84, Issues 7-11, June 2009, 1136-1139
  4. Characterisation of titanium beryllides, BeWS-8, December 2007, Lisbon, Portugal
  5. Manufacturing methods and production of titanium beryllides, Fusion Engineering and Design, Vol. 82, Issues 15-24, October 2007, pp. 2353-2358
  6. Production and characterization of titanium beryllides for HIDOBE irradiation, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 367-370, Part2, August 2007, pp. 1069-1072
  7. Production and characterization of titanium berryllides, BeWS-7, December 2005, Santa Barbara, USA
  8. Production and thermal stability of beryllium with fine grain structure to improve tritium release during neutron irradiation, SOFT-23, 2006, Warsaw, Polen

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