BeYOND Vision 2050

BeYONDMankind is trying to build an artificial sun since decades, what has been demonstrated  in several Experiments: JET in UK (1983), JT – 60 in Japan (1985), NIF in the USA (2009), Wendelstein in Germany (2015) and now ITER in France (around the year 2025).

There are several concepts for building an “artificial star”, but what they all have in common is that a “bottle” is needed were the sun can be hold safely.

Therefore it has to fulfill the following characteristics:

  • Generate the fuel for the „artificial star“(Lithium is playing the mayor role)
  • To protect from the suns fire (this part can be taken over by Beryllium)
  • To take away the heat and generate Energy out of the burning sun

BeYOND Vision  (time horizon 2050)

Building an artificial Star costs a lot of time and money, therefore building the “envelop”, the so-called Blanket has been overshadowed. It can be easily shown, that the costs for the Blanket are in the range of the Fusion fire burning inside, from todays point of view. ITER is a test reactor and only a few 100 Kg of Beryllium and Lithium will be necessary for it. In case of DEMO, the first demonstration reactor, the amount to be used will be approximately a thousand times higher. Developments based on a time horizon of more than 20 years are only possible within a common effort and conservation of competence plays a mayor role. BeYOND shall help to win partners from science and industry for the design of pilot production facilities together with the necessary handling techniques and safety concepts.



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